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La’Shaé House of Style is an online women’s clothing boutique based out of Arizona catering to sizes S-3X. We provide statement looks that are for the bold, fabulous and confident woman who wants to turn heads when she walks into a room. Our clothing represents the classy and feminine woman who loves the skin she’s in and she will definitely exemplify Queen energy. We have showstopping looks for every occasion and our prices are affordable. We provide stellar customer service and FAST shipping! All of these attributes is what sets us apart from our competition. We provide a lifestyle and not just a look.

Meet the Owner: Christina La'Shaé is a wardrobe stylist and CEO of La’Shaé House of Style. She was born and raised in the windy city of Chicago, IL but currently residing in sunny Arizona.  As a child, Christina La'Shaé loved rummaging through the closets of her mother and grandmother to see what treasures she could find to play dress up in around the house.  She discovered that her grandmother had an immense collection of beautifully crafted dresses and eclectic accessories while her mother had a wicked collection of trendy shoes.  She remembers staring in amazement as she looked at herself in the mirror modeling in her grandmother’s dazzling ruby red earrings and necklace to match. Christina La'Shaé would also prance around the house in her mother’s bold and bright colored shoes thinking that she ran the town.  Her mother had an impeccable sense of style that was very elegant and chic.  Her mother would tell her “If you don’t have the shoes to match or if your shoes don’t make a statement, then don’t waste the outfit.”

She also dabbled in her grandmother’s vintage shoes because her feet were smaller than her mother’s.  Her grandmother would say “Chris you have to work on your posture, walk straight, shoulders back and head held high when you walk.” Her grandmother was the epitome of a “Regal Woman.”  Both women exuded confidence, a radiant magnetic glow, class, and poise when they walked into a room.   Her mother always told her “When a woman looks good, she feels good and she should still look good even when she’s feeling her worst.”

Christina’s grandmother and mother shared valuable life lessons that groomed her into the woman that she is today.  Their sense of unique style was very stimulating to her at young age and she couldn’t wait to develop her own flair and confidence like the two strong beautiful women who rocked in her life.  

One’s personal image is very powerful.  It is Christina’s mission to empower women to discover their very own unique sense of style and confidence so that they’re always prepared to be their own walking billboard.  You should not only make the right first impression but make a lasting impression every time.  La’Shaé House of Style will provide curated looks for women of all sizes to ensure that they command the room without having to speak.

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